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Introducing GetStoned Pure THC-A Gummies, the epitome of indulgence for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a delectable and potent experience. These gummies are meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled journey into the world of THC-A, boasting a total of 4,000mg of pure THC-A goodness. Each gummy contains a whopping 200mg of THC-A, providing a powerful and enjoyable way to unwind and relax. Indulge your senses with our three tantalizing flavors – Blueberry Dream (Indica), Watermelon Burst (Hybrid), and Strawberry Haze (Sativa). Each gummy is a burst of fruity goodness, perfectly balancing the natural taste of THC-A with the sweetness of ripe, luscious fruits. Whether you crave the tartness of blueberries, the juiciness of watermelon, or the sweetness of strawberries, GetStoned has a flavor to suit every palate.

GetStoned THC-A Gummies

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